Monday, June 18, 2012

Tool #6

My Class Edmodo site: The students have enjoyed using our Edmodo networking site this year, because they can respond to videos, assignments (such as readings or Word documents) & post their responses for the class to read. It's been a great way to engage students in material or to give supplemental work (in science, social studies, etc) at night which supports what our objectives are in the classroom. *************************************************************************************** My Class Poll Website: I love how my students can respond to science experiment target questions & can see their results on the activboard so that we can have discussion about their results. Participation will be heightened because the students will see their results via the poll and will have a visual that will stimulate conversation in comparing their results of their data, discussing the affects of the results and how they came about. They love technology and it might actually encourage them to be more diligent in keeping record of their information collection as we're moving through experiments since this is such a fun product! I love looking at my colleague, Sally Craddock's blog- she has some interesting ideas on Poll Everywhere and then Edmodo. I love her screen shots on her blog as well! I need to ask her how she did that!


  1. Wow! You really WERE looking at my blog. I thought you were just joking! Screen shot directions: press ALT, keep it down and press "Prnt Scrn" (above the F10 key on our Dells). Get into Power Point. Paste the image you took onto a blank slide (Ctrl V). Crop the picture if you need to. Click on the picture to get the little white squares on the corners, right click, and save it as a jpeg. This jpeg can easily be loaded onto your blog as a picture.

  2. Great directions Sally. I was just giving these directions to Nancy for her screen shot. They could also paste it into Paint to use it for jpeg.