Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tool #8

Three primary things I've learned concerning devices (netbooks & iPads) that we'll be using in my classroom this year are: 1) Clear guidelines, care and expectations (and consequences as the result of improper use) must be set & retaught within the first few weeks of school, in order that student directives are clear 2) I need to sync all devices with my laptop (which the current iPad given to me has been) after I have completed downloading apps and content into my laptop's itunes account, as well as keep them up to date by syncing them throughout the year when I upload new apps, podcasts, etc. 3) I'm excited about the possibility of using webcams connected to the netbooks for various students assignments/projects. How do you plan to manage the device(s) in your classroom? Do you have ideas/suggestions that others may find useful? I think that building capacity in my "technology experts" is critical, such as teaching them care for the devices (i.e. charging, protection, placement in room), trouble shooting problems and helping others. If they learn a new set of technology skills and feel a sense of pride in "ownership" of the devices, they will in turn take better care of them and feel more confident using them. They can also teach & share with the other children throughout the year. As well, another perk is my third graders will be able to share all they've learned with their Kindergarten reading buddies during a technology "conference" share time and in turn, this will build capacity in Kindergarteners as well! :) Fabulous idea, huh?!

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